Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 4

Monday , 2nd October
Go for Chandrashila , trek down to Chopta and leave for Noida via
Chopta-Gopeshwar-Chamoli-Nand Prayag-Karn Prayag-Gauchar-Rudra Prayag-Srinagar- Deo Prayag - Rishikesh-Haridwar-Noida.

We wokeup at 3:45 AM to capture the sunrise from Chandrashilla peak.It is really hard
to leave the warm bed but we managed it. Yesterday we slept with a plan that everybody will wakeup
,put their shoes on and leave ,no dressing etc is allowed in order to avoid delays.
Some of us didn't went for the this early morning trek.
We left Tungnath @ 4:15 AM .It was completely dark ,only barking of dog is heardand we forget to ask Chandrashilla
trek route yesterday from somebody. Then we remebered Prashant ( A dog guided him all the way).
We then called the dog. He led us ,we carry torches and walk one after another.
After some time we saw some other guys following us .
Finally we reached Chandrshilla at 5:45 AM it is still dark and Sun is about to come.Chilling winds was blowing at the top.
Hardly 15 people were there .

Finally the sun came behind the mountains at 6:15 AM .

Sunrise behind the mounain (see the Hexagon formation)

Shadown of Mountain (see a 3D pryamid formation)

KK make his cam stablised and did a full 12X from his S2 IS and the result is great isn't. This is some area of Chaukhamba Peak's

Panaormic View-1

The dog who guided us in the dark

Chopta-Gopeshwar road(you have to pass a thick jungle)

We met a Australian guy, whose plan is to cover whole uttaranchal in 6 weeks on his bicycle.

Nand Prayag (River Nandakini comes from Mt. Nanda Ghunti to meet the Alkananda)

Karn Prayag(The river Pindar also known as Karna Ganga comes down from Pindari Glacier to meet the Alkananda)
I missed RudraPrayag pics , actually I didn't get the prefect view. Anyway about RudraPrayag
Rudra Prayag:River Mandakini comes down from Chorabali Tal behind Kedarnath to meet river Alkananda at Rudra Prayag

Deo Prayag : Alakhnand and Bhagirathi meets to form Ganga . See the difference in colors of both river. The left one is Alakhnand .


Anonymous said...

Good man di laalten, very nice pics and good description.

Achin said...

Good man di laalten, very nice pics and good description.

Vijay said...

wow! one hell of the photographs...

Param said...

Wonderful views ... i can almost feel the fresh air in my lungs.. and yes beautiful snaps & description... Nice work Chitrang
Param Thakur

Anonymous said...

excellent photgraphy with a series.

Anonymous said...

excellent photography with a series

deshta said... pics its all reminding me my home town...good work Chitrang sir.......... Gaurav

Abhishek said...

i am reliving my memories of this beautiful place.. been here twice but still enjoyed your pics and trek report very much

arun negi said...

dude you've got a pretty neat travelogue. liked your pics.. nice photography.. amazing panoramas( photo stich or wide angle? )

Amit said...

Dude your photography is too good. Your taste for perfect views and the way you describe them is awesome. It helped decide on a few things I was missing earlier. BTW how did you managed to get an Innova @ per k.m basis. I have always got them @ per day basis whenever I travelled to uttranchal.


Karishma said...

Hello there Mr. Chitrang,
ur pictures are fabulous.. we are planning a similar trip to the 4 Dham with chopta n valley of flowers. we are leaving last week of sept. Just some queries. would it be very cold? which camera did u use? ur pics are amazing. Also we have heard the best time to visit the valley of flowers is august.. is sept still ok? is it worth it? thanx...

chits007 said...

Oct will be a bit colder but you will have clear skies
I took Canon Powershot S1 IS; I recommend you to take Circular Polariser to get good blue skies..
sept for VoF might not be just good well its all depend on luck you see this time North Indian including uttarakhand recv less rains may be it open up and you see good flower..

Ranadeep said...

Dear Mr. Chitrang
Beside Kali kamli at Tunganath is there any accomodation for lodging. Actually we got 1 room for 3 people at kali kamli, but we are 8. So I think how should I accomodate the rest 5. Please help. - Ranadeep

chits007 said...

yes there are couple of dhabas which also provide accomodation 5/6 people can accomodate easily, we were 11 beside there are other group and now there may be many more no probllem go ahead..

Ranadeep said...

Thanks Chitrang for the information

Unknown said...

very nice, your trip gave me some idea...

Unknown said...

very nice, your trip gave me some idea...