Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My last trek to Har Ki Dun in Winters has done given us confidence and now by this I gather decent amount of information about Uttarakhand Trek regions. This time we were looking for the trek which is above 4000 mts altitude and also we should be exposed to some tenting experience. On IndiaMike Arjun post on Roopkund Trek has already become so active and now it is single point of source for all infomation about Roopkund.
So we choose Roopkund and started our study.Roopkund only is a small trek one way 30 Km or so ...when we started out research we found we can go beyond roopkund and cover some other areas as well. Very few have done that.After discussion amongst us we plan to cover Ronti Saddle/Homkund etc.

For people who are not familiar with Roopkund, its a small lake at an altitude of 4400 meters , frozen most time of year ,fed by glaceirs from Mt Trishul.This lake had been famous because of discovery of bones and articles of some 300 peoples. Local peopla has their own tale behind this mystery which connects to local Gods .They have a annual festival for this and once in 12 year they have a meag festival called NandaDevi Raj Jat Yatra. National Geographic has even made a documentary on this 'The Skelton lake' , check on NGC India website about its schedule ..it is broadcasted once in a month or so. Even Wikipedia has a page for Roopkund. Nothing yet has been found that 'who were those people and what they were doing there?'

So here is our plan. Since this is going to be a tough trek where we would be spending 48 hours above 4000 meters , we have to be ready physically. Everybody started spending some time in running/jogging etc .

Now lets introduce to you the team we have:

1) Chitrang Srivastava ( myself leading the team )
2) Kshitish ( we call him KK)
3) Roopesh ( he is most fit guy in our team and ran up/down from hills quiet easily)
4) Asok Sadan (KK Friend...his first trek camera guy)
5) Tarun ( we call him TG, when it comes to hills he is crazy and my all time trek partner)
6) Saurabh ( my friend from NeoMagic..no he hasn't done any trek in Himalayas before but asked me to include the future trek after seeing pics of our earlier trek..he is from Bangalore)


Romulo/Vajrakaya said...

heard you're going to gangotri in september this year! when are you going?

trilogy said...

where are the pics ??
I m thinking to go in mid april. will thr be snow?
min no of days required?

Savaari said...

I was bit late but hope you enjoyed there a lot during the trip.

Unknown said...

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