Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 2

Saturday, 30th September
We woke at around 6 ,beautiful calm and peace atmosphere. Everybody got ready by 8 and after having having breakfast at GMNV we left for Chopta at 8:30.We are going to travel
Shivpuri-Kaudilya-Deo Prayag-ShriNagar-RudraPrayag-Chopta.
At Rudra prayag routes separates for Kedarnath and Badrinath.We have to take the Kedranath way and then somehwre near Kund take the Chopta route.

Somehwre in our way.

As we were moving in 2 Innova's we stopped at ChandraPuri (after taking Kedranath turn from Rudra prayag) to look for second innova which was a way behind .At Rudraprayag River Manadkni (orignating near Kedarnath) merge into river Alakhnand (orignating near Badrinath). Chandrapuri is on the side of River Manadkni . Chandrapuri is a nice place GMVN has TRH there, you can go there and enjoy some time in river (as you see we are doing).

We are now on Chopta route. This is the first grassy meadows we encountered, we stopped for some leisure.

Road to Chopta

Finally we reached Chopta at 5 PM, we booked 3 rooms (10 bed) in advance (courtsey Prashant we got the number of the guy from here.)

Sunset @ Chopta

GMVN Guest house closed since 1996

Finally the sun fully set and this is the view.

Evening View,as the night approaceh it started cold.

Bonfire ,finally.
Chopta doesn't have electricity , the shop keppers runs generator for 4-5 hrs.Everybody charge their camera batteries , do keep a multi plug as you may be only few points there.The lodge owner also had a small dhaba , prepare food for us. Unlike other place u need to tell them specifically what u want to eat they cook only that.
Rates are very reasonable evening snack,dinner,morning breakfast and a night lodging cost us 2500 among 11 people.

Chopta-Deoria Tal - Chopta - Tunganath

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