Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 3

Sunday , 1st October
The Plan : Start early morning trek to Deoria Tal , come back to Chopta and start for Tungnath in afternoon. Ober night stay in Tungnath. We booked a pony to carry ou stuff to Tungnath.
We also asked the pony guys to book 3 room atleast for us in Tungnath.Those guys went multiple time up/down.
We woke up at 6 AM it was chill, it was really a wonderful view of Chaukhamba,Kedarnath while sipping hot view. Sky is bright and clear.

Chopta is said to be the Mini-Switzerland of Garhwal.

The rooms where we stayed, it has attacxhed bath/toilet. The shopkepper provide hot water.

Morning view of Chaukhamba Peaks

Way to Deoria Tal, we have to go down 20 kms and then a cut for Sari Village.

Sari Village: Trek start point, this village has electricity and negi's borther is here . So I put my batteries for charging here.

Trek route and Sari village

Deoria Tal. One bright sunny day,which it was, one can see chaukhamba peaks in reflection.The wind was blowing so the water was moving a hazzy reflection of peaks.

We came back at 2 PM , everybody had lunch some took bath as we sweat so much in Deoria Tal trek.

Tungnath Trek start point. We started at 3:45 PM.

A bugyal on our way to Tungnath. Many time we took short cut .

The most daring pic of the trip. KK have enough courage to have a pose. We barely manage to get there and have a peep at that sucide point.
We reached Tungnath at 6PM . The pony booked 2 Kali-Kamli dharamshala room and a normal room.

Tungnath temple.

This is that one normal room double bed (for 3) and 2 more beds. We ordered the food immediately and we want to go for sleep asap , because next day we have to start around 4 AM to catch sunset from chandrashilla peak.It was very chill must be around 5 C, we prepared a bonfire ,have dinner and went for sleep at 9 PM.

Day 4 : Tungnath-Chandrashilla-Tungnath-Chopta-Noida


Anonymous said...

amazing pictures..

Saibal Barman said...

Nice travelogue!
Excellent snaps-particularly, those longshots.
Suicide site photo is exciting and it enlivens the past into the present in me.
Best wishes,

Charu Rastogi said...

can you give the number of the person who booked accommodation for you at tungnath.