Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 5 ( Tuesday:26th December"06 Seema -HKD: 13 Kms Trek)

I woke up at 7 AM, just to check the weather from balcony . It's all cloudy , not agood sign for trek.
I asked porters to prepare hot water . As Tarun is not coming for the final leg ,his condition deterioate he is staying in Seema , we keep aside some food for him and requested a guy to take care of him.
We started breakfast at 9:30 AM , very soon some flakes of snow reached us which snows that it snow fall happening in mountains . Speculations started for last leg, Chandan Rana and other are saying no to HKD ,but we insists .

Pony will not work after Seema , so we hire 3 more porters from Osla village. We started at 10:30 AM . Weather is all coludy no mountain peaks are visible today. After an hour of climb it started snow fall anway we keep marching . At Kalkati Dhar ( 7 Kms from Seema) Guide asked us to return as now the snow fall is heavy and visibility is getting lower. We said no and asked them to keep moving . After Kalkati dhar the path is all in snow , 2 feet deep . Fortunately the woodland shoes we have are very good and they save us from snow getting inside.

Snow fall is getting heavier , with low visibility .We keep on moving it relatively easy as compared to ice to walk on snow . thankfully no ice laden path in route.

Its 3:30 , everybody was hungy on relying on chocolates, no sign of weather getting clear , we keep marching ahead , we dont have any proper lunch , we have to strive on biscuit,chocolates, toffee and glucose .

At 5 PM we finally saw a marking "Welocme to HKD" on a rock. This is the entrance of valley. Weather is getting better, a nice litlle wind is taking clouds away , we saw blue sky finally, sun is welcomming us at HKD . Chandan Rana gave us some prasad kind of stuff .

That moment looks like GOD himself is greeting us at HKD with clear weather .

All were happy to enter in valley looks very beautiful in all snow, Its a life time experince for us to reach here in December end. Its the time for sun set, we clicked few pics . The batteries are draining fastly due to low temperature.

At HKD its 4 feet of snow,the GMVN TRH is another kilometer from the welcome point. Its getting chiller , every body to sit around the fire place. Finally we reached TRH at 6 PM.

We had hot tea , put double jacket , have some boiled eggs and then some chit chat.

I went outside in night and the scene is beyond explanations, the weather is all clear, stars are shining, all the mountains are snow covered , White moon light reflcted from snow looks as if thousands of tube lights are embedded in mountains glowing in dim light . Wind is blowing fastly and the temperature could be around -40 or so .
I tried to capture the moment in my camera but failed to do so .
Anyway here is pic from flickr which can closely discribe the scene.
I asked everybody to catch a once in life time experince outside.

Getting Ready..Girish scared of previous days black ice


Moments of Joys !

Local Diety temple..we prayed here for our success..

And moments of agony..guys exhausted with uphill trekk.

At Kalkati Dhar..snow fall getting more and more..

during the trekk

Need break..

snow fall getting denser

signs of weather getting clear

Har ki Dun


VSK said...

Good photo's of the Har-ki-Dun. Thanks for sharing. Good to see that you went there during Dec despite getting into trekking recently. Keep it up.

Saurabh said...

All snaps are awesome. Really a wonderful experience for you.. keep goin on.

Atul Mishra said...

Lovely Photographs. It seems HKD is very good place to visit. I am adding it to my travel list :)

Abhishek said...

gosh.. your experience is making me really uncomfortable...how could i miss such a beautiful trek .. i am absolutely keen on going here //...pls share the cost involved....

Murali said...

Man.. these are superb snaps. Really nice to see you guys having such a great experience.

sunil kumar said...

hi there,
awesomely done......
i surely will do it in coming time..