Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 2(Joshimath-Govindghat-Ghangariya)

We woke up around 7 AM ,it was a bit cold and foggy morning.
Plan: Drive to Govindghat and then trek to Ghangariya .
Govindghat : 20 Kms from Joshimath ,enroute to Badrinath. Sikhs begin their journey to Hemkund Sahib from here. Ample parking, few hotels and a Gurudwara.
Ghangaria(Govinddham): After a ardous trek of 13 kms lies a small town ,with some hotels.Ghangariya is located at an altitude of 3000 mts.You will get all type of vegetarian North Indian,Chinesse,South Indian food .Lots of restaurants.Ghangariya is located at an altitude of 3000 mts.

7 AM view from our Hotel at Joshimath

Mountains barely visible

The Zig-zag style road

Route between Joshimath-Govindghat

After breakfast we left for Govindghat around 9 AM. We now have a guide with us.
Govindghat is around 20 Kms from Joshimath and lies on the route to Badrinath.
The road has heavy traffic because both the Hemkund Sahib and Badrinath pilgrimage.We reached around 10:30 AM and then bid adieu to our drivers ,we will them after 4 days.

Construction of road

At Godvindghat

Now we need to look for porters who will carry the baggages.Because of holidyas we find difficult to get them .After an hour effort we got two of them each took Rs 1650.We started the trek around 11:30 AM .Ghangariya is 13 Km and it would take around 8 hrs to reach. we want to reach before evening as their is no raod light.The trek route is heavily rushed and dirty with pony shit.We take frequent break as uphill ascend
seems to be difficult with around 10Kg of baggage on back.After few hours of trek we decided to take a pony
and put all the backpack on it.We feel very relieved after the load went off from our back.
Everybody is moving at their own pace,group have scattered. Finally we reached Ghangariya at 7:30 PM. Ghangariya is a small town and predominantly used as a transit for Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flower people.

Snowy mountain view during the trek

Ghangariya is located at an altitude of 3000 mts. We have our hotel booked . Hotel was quiet OK. Everybody was tired ,even a slightest movement of body parts 
required immense efforts.All kins of foods(Indian,Chinesse,Pujabi,South India) were available.We haven't seen any non-veg food there.
Everybody relaxed in their room ,next day plan was for Valley of Flower

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poonampreet kaur said...

If one wants to travel overnight from Rishikesh to joshimath and then further to govindghat, is the public transport available at night time?

dimpy roy said...

Lovely trip. Thanks for sharing your trip experience. Joshimath is a small hill town of Uttarakhand. It is a beautiful valley that is settled at the foot of the Himalayas. Check out all best hotels in Joshimath also.

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neha ojha said...
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