Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day 5[Ghnagariya-Govindghat-Badrinath-Mana-Joshimath]

As per plan we wake up at 4:30 AM , all packing we have already done yesterday, we left Ghangariya
at 7. Descend is relatively easy and we move in pace . At 11 AM we reached Govindghat, now the plan is to look
for our drivers. Mohit looked for all 3 parking but failed to locate.
So we headed for bus station ,which is half-a-mile. At the Bus station we saw our driver , they refused to
carry us to Badrinath so we offload all our luggage and took some necessary items in a bag and headed
for a private carrier who can take us to Badrinath . One can easily find public transport.We reached badrinath
at 1:45, people told the shrine is closed and will open at 3 PM, so we quickly decided for Mana.
After some bargain a taxi decided to take us & back in Rs 200 .

Mana Entrance Gate

Places to see in Mana

Bheem Pul
Legends says that when Pandavas along with Drapadi passing , River Saraswati stops Draupadi to pass accusing her of being not poius( married to 5 men) . Then Bheema put a single rock making the way for Draupadi. The massive rocky structure can tell how strong Bheema was !

Last Tea Shop of INDIA

Legends says that when Vyas was concentrating on narrating Mahabharat to Ganesha a sudden spurt of water (Saraswati) break Vyas concentration, and cursed saraswati to disaapear forever.
Thats why we have mystery behind river saraswati till date.

Rishi Vyas narrated Mahabharat here to Ganesha who sitting approx 200 mts down

In Mana we went to 'Vyas Gufha',
Saraswti Udgam and Bheem Pool, as we dont have enough time we dropped Vasudhra Falls,
Satopanth. May be some we will come back again.
Back to badrinath the gates are open, huge rush .We went to tapt kund (hot geysers) but it was too hot,
barely anybody was taking a dip. I just washed my legs and queud for darshan at 3:25 PM.

Badrinath Temple
River Alakhnanda(one of the main tributary of sacred Ganges)

Badrinath Valley


Driving in night at hills is strictly prohibited ,last bus to Joshimath will leave at 4:30 PM.Missing that means staying whole night @ Badrinath and ruining the plan.
anyway we got the darshan at 4:10 and quickly headed for bus stand. We catch the last bus at 4:28 PM .

Day 6 : Auli

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