Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 4 (Ghangariya-HemKund-Ghangariya)

Hemkund:  People say its a very difficult trek Hemkund is 6 Km from Ghangariya.Sikh's last guru Guru Govind Singh in his previous incarnation did meditation here.More can be found on wiki

We left Ghangariya at around 8 AM. The trek was very difficult ,ponies had made it more.
We take many shortcuts during the trek.The weather was bright and sunny but around 11 it became cloudy. We reached a place enroute 'Hemkund Glacier'. We decided to have some fun. wen to that glacier have some photgraphs and the continue. When it was 2Km some we saw staircases.By that time we were totally exhausted with uphill walk , so we decided to take staircases. That also helps us in avoiding the ponies.Finally we reached Hemkund at 1 PM. Rain has started by now,hughe crowd of sikh pilgrims . We went to Gurudwara ,ate at lungar (hot tea & khichdi).

Sikhs were bathing in Sarovar Sahib .

While descending we decided to visit Badrinath also. It was a it tight as we have to leave early next day from Ghangariya,came to Govindghat with all luggage and then if the our drivers are ready to take us we will go with them otherwise some public transport.
At Ghangariya we finalized all the hotel expenses so that nothing has to be left for tommorow.

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