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Day 3 (Sunday:24 December'06 Sankri -Taluka- 10 Km Trek)

We slept with a promise to start the trek at 8 AM but with groups you can't . Their is always some late comer's . The weather is bright and sunny . For all our luggage , the guide say it would take 7 porters !!! , that gonna costs so much per day plus their foods also.
I quickly asked Guide for the Pony. Guide was not in a mood for that, then I decided to go to the village and look for pony myself . Finally I got the pony in 200 per day . We took 2 ponies.

Har ki dun is becoming a very popular trekking destination. Commercialisation has already started lots of agencies trying to take benefit . If you have luggage do take pony , even if you are going in winter you can take pony till Seema although at some places you will find ICE but pony guy will manage. Guides only want to make money. In summers you can take pony all the way to HKD that will be much cheaper .Few NGO's has been etablished . Do take guide if you are going in some off season , their are so many village en-route and you might lost the way.

One more thing I noticed do talk in adavnce these guys are smart they charged you on parav(destination) basis . Suppose you wanna do Sakri-Seema in one day(possible if start at 7 AM) porter will charge you for double .

Ok on travel plans we finally end up with 1 Guide, 2 porter and 2 pony. The first 4 Kms was done by Mahindra Commander Jeep . We started at 10 AM.
Reached Taluka at 2 :30 PM checked-in at GMVN nothing to do . Fortunately Taluka has a functioning dhaba so we had lunch, dinner and again in full gears at around 9 PM.

Starting the Trek

Mssive Landslide broke the Sankri-Taluka motorable Road

Nice Sunny Day for Trek

Some part are diffcult to trek this is one of them ; huge landslide

Rest is easy flat walk; enjoying Govind Forest Sanctuary.

Kedarkanta Peak

Taluka GMVN

Fortunately the dhaba at Taluka is operating so we dont have to open our ration.

GMVN Dormitory.

Swargarohni peaks in evening from Taluka Balcony (380mm zoom)

Day 4 ( Taluka - Seema )

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